Welcome to Evangel Pentecostal Church!

Evangel Pentecostal Church has been a part of  Quebec City's English Community since 1965, originally serving the community in Ste-Foy. During the eighties, we relocated to Charlesbourg to mother, Carrefour Chretien de la Capitale, which is now a dynamic French church in Quebec's French community. 

In January 1999, after many years of sharing facilities with our daughter church (Carrefour Chretien de la Capitale), the congregation of Evangel Pentecostal Church decided to return to its roots and moved back to the heart of upper Quebec City, thereby centering itself in an area closer to Quebec City's English resources and community.

In April 1999, the church officially moved to the Montcalm area of Quebec City. This permitted Evangel to be within walking distance of key organizations for the English Community such as the Voice of English-speaking Quebec, several English schools, the Jeffrey-Hale Hospital (which also offers English Services), etc.

In November 2007, we moved to Quebec High School (corner of Réné Lévesque and Belvèdere). Our offices have a private entrance at 875 Père-Marquette. 

Now in 2024, we are seeing the re-growth of our ministries and God's increased blessing at Evangel. We are thankful to see how our amazing Heavenly Father continues to work at Evangel. We are encouraged and excited as we see the Lord opening up new doors of opportunity before us to demonstrate His love to those who live in Quebec City and the surrounding area.